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All Tomorrows’s Taxi

Sometime early this year, New York City’s taxi and limousine commission will announce the winner of its “Taxi of Tomorrow” competition. Or it won’t. The project was begun in 2007, and in December 2009 a “request for proposals” went out to automotive manufacturers and designers. The bar wasn’t set all that high: the Taxi of […]

Can Airports Be Fun?

Few who fly — or fly coach, anyway — would disagree that the entire experience of air travel from check-in to landing carries with it an overwhelming sense that everyone involved has simply given up. Watch people as they enter airports: shoulders rise, expressions grow steely, civility erodes. Things that shouldn’t be a big deal […]

The Public Square Goes Mobile

“We don’t need more leaders. We need more followers. Wherever & however you can enter public life is ok.” That tweet by Carol Coletta, president and CEO of CEOs for Cities, is a radical provocation in our age of the non-expert. The nation is gripped by the fantasy that the least-qualified, least-experienced among us make […]

Let the Sun Shine In

Traditionally, Nightingale wards like those once used at Laguna Honda contained about 24 to 34 beds, which made patient privacy an impossibility. When I started writing this article a little more than a month ago, I hadn’t yet had two bulging disks flare up, putting me in excruciating pain. I hadn’t yet had a neck […]

Home for Life

Let’s hope the age of designing houses for their resale value is over.

Blueprints for a Better Burb

A design competition addresses how to improve the modern suburb, with a focus on Long Island.

The Way We Design Now

At the Cooper Hewitt and elsewhere, creative new uses for plastic.

How to Green Your Parents

When children become the teachers, the Earth Day message gets through loud and clear.

Rebuilding in Haiti

Can the sad lessons of New Orleans benefit Haiti as that country’s rebuilding proceeds?

A Breath of Fresh Air for Health Care

Solutions to health care’s design problems.